1R-0741 - ELEMENT

1R-0741 - ELEMENT 1R-0741 - ELEMENT

1R-0741 - ELEMENT

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We supply the best value on Element. Our CAT products have been proven by large mining companies, meeting and exceeding the heavy duty demands of any industry. Please check the model and compatibility before placing order.
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Equipment Compatible:
• 311C, 311D LRR, 311F LRR, 312C L, 312C, 314C, 314D CR, 314D LCR, 314E CR, 314E LCR, 315C, 318B N, 318B, 318C, 319C
• 320C FM, 320C L, 320C, 320D FM RR, 320D FM, 320D GC, 320D L, 320D LN, 320D LRR, 320D RR, 320D, 320D2 FM, 320D2 GC, 320D2 L, 320D2,
• 320E L, 320E LN, 320E LRR, 320E RR, 320E, 320F L,
• 321C, 321D LCR, 322C FM, 322C, 323D L, 323D LN, 323D S, 323D SA, 323D, 323D2 L, 323E L, 323E LN, 323E SA, 323F L,
• 324D FM LL, 324D FM, 324D L, 324D LN, 324D, 324E L, 324E LN, 324E,
• 325C FM, 325C L, 325C, 325D FM LL, 325D FM, 325D L, 325D MH, 325D, 325F LCR,
• 326D L, 326D2 L, 326D2, 326F L, 326F LN, 328D LCR,
• 329D L, 329D LN, 329D, 329D2 L, 329D2, 329E L, 329E LN, 329F L, 329F LN,
• 330C FM, 330C L, 330C LN, 330C MH, 330C, 330D FM, 330D L, 330D LN, 330D MH, 330D, 330D2 L, 330F L,
• 335F LCR, 336D L, 336D LN, 336D, 336D2 GC, 336D2 L XE, 336D2 L, 336D2 LXE, 336D2 XE, 336D2, 336E H, 336E L, 336E LH,
• 336E LN, 336E LNH, 336E, 336F L XE, 336F L, 336F LN XE, 336F LN,
• 340D L, 340D2 L, 340F L LRE, 340F, 345B II, 345C L, 345C MH, 345C, 345D L VG, 345D L, 345D,
• 349D L, 349D, 349D2 L, 349D2, 349E L VG, 349E L, 349E, 349F L, 349F LXE,
• 352F, 352F-VG, 365B II, 365B L, 365B, 365C L MH, 365C L, 365C, 374D L, 374F L,
• 385B, 385C FS, 385C L MH, 385C L, 385C,
• 390D L, 390D, 390F L,
• 5090B, 568 FM LL, 568 FM, M325D L MH, M325D MH

Specifications for 1R-0741 - ELEMENT

Type AFTERMARKET or OEM Genuine or OEM Bypass or REMAN